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KLIM Badlands Pro

Badd-A$$ Jacket!

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Reviewed by Mark
May 20, 2014
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The longer I wear/use the Badlands Pro the more I am in love with it! I have tried a number of lessor jackets over the years, wasting time and money on substandard jackets. I don't have any gripes about the B-Pro, some small stuff that could be worked into the next generation. I love the Hi-Vis, but change the collar to black, mine is nearly black from the rubber of my Arai XD-4 rubbing on it. Also, putting an forearm pouch on the RIGHT arm big enough for accessing cash with glove on would help at toll booths or whenever paying someone for entrance is required. Lastly, the collar closure system could be changed a little, the single loop pull cord is not a great design, I clipped mine and tied two knots in it so it did not catch on things. Now, I have two antenna like things that flap around and drive my pillion a little nuts, but I told her to find another pilot if she's that annoyed :)...that's about it, all very small things and nothing worth griping about. Overall, its a Bad-A$$ jacket for the Badlands of adventure!


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