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Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 NTX

Brilliant Bike

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Nik Pearce Reviewed by Nik Pearce
January 13, 2016

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Had my Stelvio 1200 NTX since 2012. Love it. Fantastic tourer. Done some very long distance stuff through Spain, Portugal, France, Eastern Europe, Balkans, on different tours, mainly 2 up. Has never let me down. A puncture really is the only problem I have ever had whilst touring.

If you have never had a Guzzi you will find them very different to what you are used to. That is not a negative but YOU have to adjust to the way the bike works, feels and handles before you are comfortable and 'at one' with your Stelvio. It brings back the essence of motorcycling where it is just not about leaving A and arriving at B. The Stelvio adds greatly to the bit in the middle.

Build quality: Very good generally. Easy to clean and maintain and of course having the CARC shaft drive is fantastic. The only problem, which I did have, was the Aux riding lights on the crash bars fail and short out. This is a known problem and easily dealt with. Guzzis are generally robust and if looked after will look good and give good service for many years.
Engine: The big V twin is very flexible. 1 or 2 up, plus luggage, didn't make any difference. Plenty of power on tap when you need it. Torque...I Love Torque! Cruises very happily all day at motorway speeds. When you tune into the exhaust note the bike sounds lovely. In fact one of my touring partners always used to ride behind so he could listen to my bike. He was on a V Strom.

Handling: It did everything I wanted it to do, at the speed I wanted to do it at. (I'm not a particularly slow rider if circumstances are right). Motorways, Twisties and some mountainous technical stuff too. Does it all well.

Touring: So comfortable for all day long distance touring. My wife said the Stelvio was equal in comfort to the 1300 Pan European that we used to own and also covered many miles on. Good protection from the elements although I did put on an MRA screen just for a bit extra protection.

Mine was the updated and current Stelvio so had the 23 litre tank. I generally started looking for petrol at just after 200 miles with about 30-50 still in the tank. Regardless of 1 or 2 up with or without luggage.
Luggage: Basically TRAX panniers with a Moto Guzzi badge. I had one develop a leak through a bottom seam but cured it by painting clear nail varnish over the seam on the inside. Not mine by the way.

I love the bike. Don't expect it to be a GS or Triumph or any other make of 'adventure' bike. It's a Guzzi. You need a little bit of time to adjust to IT but once you've done that then you are in for a treat. Also it's nice to stop somewhere where there are bikes and yours is the only Guzzi or Stelvio. The ignorant and uninitiated will walk by it to stare at another clone GSA but it's the true motorcyclist who will stop, look and ask questions.

Review Information Motorcycles

Time owned 3 Years
I liked Engine, Handling, ride quality, big tank touring range of 250 miles, equipment. That it's not a GS
I Disliked Nothing really. Computer mades a bit fiddely
Would you buy again Yes
In one line Unique fun touring adventure bike
Grin Factor (0=crap 10=I loved it) 10

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