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Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 NTX

One Less Sheep

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stelvio Reviewed by stelvio
October 17, 2011

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We loved our first Stelvio purchased with 3000 mile on the clock a 2009 NTX model, but that fuel tank had some restrictions. As we like clocking up the miles. It can’t have been that bad, I rode back from the Swiss Valais rally 850 miles in one day and covered 14000 miles in 11 months.
Then if like magic, a manufacturer that listens to its customers. The little niggles I have found and heard other Stelvio riders found have been corrected in the 2011 model.
We now have a 2011 Stelvio.
Is it much different? Yes it is there are subtle differences besides the larger fuel tank. The suspension is improved firmer maybe harder and the panniers are modified to defy water entering. The heated handle bar grips use the old glove box switch and can be used when on the move, the sump guard has revised fixings, a taller screen, just to mention a few.
We have travelled 10,000 miles in the less than 6 months on the 2011 model, from Italy to Denmark and all bits in between, Mostly with my wife as pillion on our annual holiday, the rest on weekend rallies in Europe. Is it comfortable? We travelled from North Denmark to Hook of Holland 1000Km in one run fully loaded only stopping for fuel coffee and a quick snack.
No matter how good or lacking a bike is, the Dealer \ Manufacture backup can make or break a bike. My experience, So far, I have no complaints in this area. The Guzzi community is friendly and sharing. This adds to the pleasure of owning the bike.

Handling is good Loaded or not, no weaving or wallowing. (Did the Stelvio pass and the old road) The Scorpions fitted to the 2011 model are more road bias than the Torrance I had on the 2009 bike. For my riding the Torrance had enough road grip, having advantage on gravel tracks and camps site fields etc. ABS is standard as is a basis traction control. .

Would I ride off road is a question I get asked, Not on purpose is the answer! Although we done a few miles fully loaded in pouring rain along un metalled forest tracks when in France, potholes and mud, The bike handled it better than the rider!!!.

I have had no problems with Reliability the exception of been front disks that are to be replaced due to slight warping again no argument with the dealer.
Fuel consumption is fair to good for a bike of its size 50 mpg is normal, With a careful ride I have achieved 60 mpg.
Electrics is the other poser when talking Italian. No problems there either, the head lights have been improved over the 2009 model, beam focus is better and both filaments on dip all four on main beam.

How dose it compare? The only other big adventure type bike I have ridden is the GS I now ride a Moto Guzzi. Both good bikes. I think the Stelvio has the edge

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