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Written by Rob Slade   

How many times have you been trying to filter through queued traffic only to find other cars blocking your way? Many drivers are accommodating to bikers on the roads but there are those who are downright frustrating.

There have been times when we’ve been filtering through traffic only to find a car has moved over to block the path as if what we were doing was wrong. But the thing is, it’s not wrong. It’s actually our right by law.

That’s why we’ve put together this post. To have vent a little, yes, but most importantly our aim is to spread the word so that motorcyclists know it’s within their rights, and other motorists know that it is absolutely legal and acceptable for us to do so.

For those that need a bit more convincing, here is an extract from the Highway Code outlining the rules for motorcyclists.

Rule 88 of the Highway Code - Manoeuvring

"You should be aware of what is behind and to the sides before manoeuvring. Look behind you; use mirrors if they are fitted. When in traffic queues look out for pedestrians crossing between vehicles and vehicles emerging from junctions or changing lanes."

And here's the really key part...

"Position yourself so that drivers in front can see you in their mirrors. Additionally, when filtering in slow-moving traffic, take care and keep your speed low."

In an effort to help all motorcyclists, please share this post so that other road users can learn that filtering is legal.

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Ken Shabby
Well the whole premise of this article is flawed - car/van drivers don't block motorcycles' progress because they think it's illegal, they do it because they're stressed, jealous and are being bloody-minded bullies!
Ken Shabby , August 09, 2015
I think Mr. Shabby is wrong. The average licence holder is a klutz and neither knows nor cares enough about driving so to position himself as to assist a motorcyclist in making reasonable progress.

This indifference to the whole subject of driving standards is yet another consequence of universal equal suffrage: for all practical purposes every licence holder is a voter and no politician will do anything that might threaten the support he gets from voters ... including taking measures aimed at raising driving standards.

I think it a pity that your article fails to stress — to motorcyclists — the importance of the last exhortation of para. 88: “...when filtering in slow-moving traffic, take care and keep your speed low.” Above all: anticipate the sudden, unsignalled lane-change by some-one in a larger vehicle.

Pericles , August 13, 2016 | url

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