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Mickdb1, 2014-03-14 13:48:02
hey up simon
My mate Chris Tyler has just contacted me - He lives in mainz but is a US citizen and his bank wants 25 yo yo to send you 10 quid
i am in spain at mo with the missis - As soon as i return to GB on the 24th I will send you his deposit and details if thats OK
Is that OK Sir
He is a good laugh for a yank (Texan) and has a great sense of humour

donjwhistance123, 2013-08-18 23:18:07
Photos from

NB64, 2013-05-04 19:59:39
Hi simon!
Ta for the invite to Albarracin! I've never been, it's on my list but not sure 1st of June. I'm a school teacher, primary, so in theory have weekends off but usually just spend Saturday staring at the ceiling so unless there is a puente I don't go for ride expect the Sunday.
Am saving for the summer. I'm off to Italy, Switzerland and France! I did the alps and dolomites last year and I want to do it again! The passes up there are stunning. You been?

You in a great part of the world. I've been through Tremp but not really explored it. Some friends of mine live up in Abella de la Concha. If I am up that way I'll get in touch. Likewise if you are round these parts let me know. I'm not that often on this site so email better.


harv, 2013-04-25 15:27:30
Hola, just joined the forum and saw your linky etc. Ive done a few Austin Vince/Humm events and eventually bought a finca on the edge of the Els Ports park close to the Ebro between Pauls and Xerta.
Absolutely loving it...hoping to be 50/50 resident next year if plans work out...currently got a 955i Tiger down there with TKC's fitted which is 'interesting'..... Hasta Luego
The Spanish BikerThe Spanish Biker on Friday, 26 April 2013 08:57

Hi Harv, bienvenidos amigo - or perhaps benvingust :)

You're chosen a lovely region, lots of spectacular riding around Els Ports but not in the park itself.

Have you seen details of the HISS rallies? There are still places here in the Pyrenees in late May and I still haven'y given up hope on the October one near Teruel - almost in your own back yard!

Actually live in Tarragona city centre although I'm more often up here in the Pyrenees, where I usually keep my bikes. But I'm not averse to the occasional trip down your way . . .



V2orV4, 2013-04-15 13:56:21
Thanks again Simon. Just got back from our great trip. Yep it did rain, and the sea was a bit chilly! The sun did appear and the beaches were stunning and virtually empty.
Roads really quiet, bit like the Pyrenees, but overall I'd say the Pyrenees roads/corners are a little more open/sweeping, but I was carrying a pillion this time and the weather wetter in the Picos.
Visited Santiago, Muxia and small fishing resorts amongst other places, and found some great hotels. Still a fair bit of snow high up, and the winds up there were a little fierce to say the least! The scenery was well up to our expectations.
Everyone was very helpful, and although our Spanish is limited to about 10 words we had no problems getting through just by smiling and and waffling. It just added to the experience and our stomachs were usually stuffed for not many Euros!
Probably the most unusual sight was the unique way of pouring cidre from the bottle into a glass- if you've seen it you'll know what I mean! It wasn't just a tourist attraction either, it happened in several bars and was served the same the one and all!
Needless to say- we'll be back!
The Spanish BikerThe Spanish Biker on Saturday, 20 April 2013 06:14

Hi Steve, Great to hear you had a good time. I hope my blog helped a little !

+1 about the art of pouring cider. The story is that it puts a bit of life into the otherwise very still cider - the sting in the tail is that you also have to drink it quickly before it goes flat again, and then another . . . you can guess the rest I'm sure :)

Are you going to make a trip report? I'm sure lots of readers would be interested, Galicia is a relatively unknown gem - I call it West of Ireland with Garlic!




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