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West Mids ABR
All welcome to the West Mids group, Please sign in.... Will organise a ride out in the next few weekends if any one is interested cheers Spud
Saturday, 19 March 2011
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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 by Redmurty
What are people up to this sunday, fancy a run cheers Spud


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Redmurty, 2012-07-15 07:18:44
off out to north Wales in about an hour if anyone interested cheers Spud
Alun, 2012-05-15 15:33:47
ABR are hosting a night of adventure in Stratford on Wed 16th May. Check out the details at the following link
Adventum, 2012-03-03 16:21:19
Hi All,
Currently reside in Birmingham and am ofter around for ride out etc. Hope to meet some of you soon, stay safe and upright!!
Juvecu, 2012-02-07 11:50:36
Hi blokes, just found the group, I'm live in Warwick and I'm around most weekends. Might see you around or join you for future rides. Wave if you see a blue V-Strom :)
Alun, 2012-01-20 10:55:46
There's an adventure day taking place at the Ace Cafe (London) on Sunday 19th Feb 2012. A group from the Midlands rode down last year and it was a great day out. So, if you're thinking of riding down and want some company I'll be setting off from the Warwick Services on the M40 at 8am. Check on the forum, I'll be starting a thread soon.
Redmurty, 2011-12-10 13:02:39
All are welcome, we will have to get together for a group ride out in the new year, cheers Spud
stephensp2, 2011-11-16 18:24:24
hope i can join you
smithy641, 2011-09-30 18:59:41
Also Alun. Trying to join this group but when you click "JOIN" nothing happens!! any tricks I should know about please?
smithy641, 2011-09-30 18:57:26
Got my FIRST 4/5 day trip planned for 21 October, so excited already. Will travel up West Coast from redditch up to Skye then cross through Scotland to the East Coast, popping here and there on the way, then back down the East Coast back home. Thought I'd try the first trip on my own and save the embarrassment of all the mishaps etc. Pray for good weather for me and thanks to the Guys that have suggested a few stops / camp sites. More suggestions welcome please.
mat-tiger1, 2011-08-11 17:10:20

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