ABR "Island" Rally 2014

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Re: ABR "Island" Rally 2014

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(thumbs) (thumbs) (thumbs) (thumbs) (thumbs) Thanks to all who rocked up .... seen some good photo'shots on facebook as well all had a good time .. sametime next year .. cant wait ..lol ....cant wait to see the yourtube footage ...... :whistle: :whistle: :cheer:
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Re: ABR "Island" Rally 2014

Post by hilux »

thanks all I had a great weekend, bit soggy to start but that didn't last long. glad I was able to provide some entertainment this weekend :blush:
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Re: ABR "Island" Rally 2014

Post by phil.hughes1983 »

Thanks very much to mike for organising this small meet. A true place of beauty and bloody great fun all riding across to the island. I will sort out my footage and up load it. But have only just gotten in the door.

Massive thanks to everyone who came and made the effort despite the dodgy weather reports.

A good amount of banter between everyone and great to meet some new people. And always good to see some familiar faces!!

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Re: ABR "Island" Rally 2014

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ABR "Island" Rally 2014

Post by scoobydidler »

Really need to do something about the seat on the ten, my arse is ruined and you guys had twice the distance home!! Thanks to mike for organising, I knew I was on to something when within 10 minutes of meeting the guys, Steve had a brew in my hand and mike was hugging a tree, a bit worse for wear! Met some real characters this weekend, had plenty of beer, talked a load of rubbish and generally got piss wet through.
The trails were great with some good gnarly bits to test us and everyone made it through (only just Tea!)
Good to see big bikes being used properly and launched at the scenery with alarming frequency! (I blame the hangovers, no names)
The sun came out at the right time fortunately and made for a perfect end to the weekend. Great to meet you all, sure it won't be the last time.
The dunes vid is on YouTube and il get photos up when I figure out how!
Cheers again.

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Re: ABR "Island" Rally 2014

Post by RobertG »

Got back home just after midnight, knackered, filthy, smelly and with a great big grin in my face.

Thanks to Mike for all the organising. (thumbs)

Thanks to everybody else for turning up and slagging me off every time I landed on my arse :)
A particular thanks to those who helped right the panzer (thumbs) (thumbs) (thumbs)

I look forward to seeing the embarasing photos and videos :blush:
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