Being locked out with an inactive account

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Being locked out with an inactive account

Post by Womble »

Hi, thought that I'd offer an insight to inadvertently being locked out of my forum account.

It seems that I made some changes, possibly change of email address, to my account back in February, this rendered my account 'inactive'.

Despite numerous use of the contact form to admin it was not reinstated. Eventually asked a friend to ask admin, some changes were made, but still unable to login, only contacting ABR office resolved this, for which I'm very grateful.

The reason for posting this is that when an account is inactive what happens to the contact requests? Are they being received by admin?

Just thought someone might want to be aware of this


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Re: Being locked out with an inactive account

Post by Cornishman »

I waited patiently for a long time for the confirmation email that I needed to join the forum. I sent several emails via the contact option with no success. In the end I went into the FB page and sent a message asking if they could help. They could. They did. Quickly.
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