Is this on??

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Re: Is this on??

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If you are struggling, try and find a campsite with a cafe or pub etc on site. That's what I did for the January rally, they were happy with the extra custom in the evenings with the food and bar etc. As it turned out it also gave folk somewhere to go during all the rain we had too.

Find somewhere where it doesn't matter if 5 or 55 turn up.

I'm still coming though.

As they say, "build it and they will come" :) (Field of Dreams)
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Re: Is this on??

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Hi BB,
I'm based in Berwick, and would be happy to work with you on this. I've got an idea for a venue which might fit the bill (pardon the pun!)
Big Red
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Re: Is this on??

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Typical, Im working all that weekend.Now if it had been the w/e before :(
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Re: Is this on??

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Shift dependant, I'll be there :side:
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Re: Is this on??

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Just waiting for a response, I think I have found the place..

More people interested the better.
Camping field behind a pub, they do evening meals an breakfast from a bacon buttie to full on.
Watch this space for the next few days.

I need ride out people, so those who contacted me go for it.

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Re: Is this on??

Post by Bonniebird »

Hi Bill
Any updates on this yet? :)
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Re: Is this on??

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If this is happening - count me in please.

Get your name on the list people - let's make it happen!
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Re: Is this on??

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If I can get cover or book my last night shift off, Friday, we might be able to make it up there.

Bloody shift work, doh. :angry:

Cheers Dave.
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