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Re: Sign Up thread - ABR Ireland 2016 29 April - 1 May

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 12:01 pm
by Heff
Whippet wrote:The weekend is still not over for me, catching the ferry this morning from Larne. A big thank you to the organisers Flintlock and Heff, organised to military precision. Great ride out on Saturday, big ride outs are usually not my bag, however, this was spectacular taking in some of the best parts of the beautiful north.
The camp site was top draw, with great facilities , even it's own bothy with peat fire for the cool nights. On the Sunday when most had gone home I managed to get over to Donegal to get a few miles of the WAW in, I will return to do the rest in the next year or so. Met some great people including the Glasgow chapter of the "hillbillys" they were something else. !!!
Glad I took the RT as the weather has been challenging at times especially coming over the Pennines last Thursday night with the snow ploughs out :ohmy:
Looking forward to a leisurely ride back to East yorks today (thumbs)
If I can manage the picture downloading thingy (not managed so far) I'll post later.
Thanks Whippet for joining us, glad you enjoyed it

Good to meet you. Until next time (thumbs)

Re: Sign Up thread - ABR Ireland 2016 29 April - 1 May

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 12:17 pm
by Heff
V2orV4 wrote:Thanks Heff and Flintlock for sorting this again. Ireland is a wonderful place and the ABR rally just puts the icing on the cake. Can you please sort the weather for next year though? Nice to put a few more faces to the forum user names too.

I spent 4 nights at Shepards Rest, it's obvious why it's so popular!

Loads of Scots were there and a new group turned up on Sunday, and pitched a tent 10 yards away from me, it held 12 and by God, did they snore?!!!

Had a great nights sleep on Monday, I was the last man standing, and not a snore was to be heard.

A few pics will hopefully follow, albeit 2 at a time, sorry about that!

Anyway, great to see you all, see ya next year.

Hi Steve. Thanks for joining us again and glad you enjoyed your stay, (and the fishing)

See you again (thumbs)