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Forum Rules

Post by Alun » Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:51 am


Hopefully we'll not have to remind members of the rules listed below and common sense, respect and good nature will pull through. However, listed below are the forum rules.

Moderating a forum is a thankless but essential task and we'd ask all members to respect moderator decisions even when you may not agree.

The Moderators will apply a common sense interpretation of the following rules which may include the deleting of topics and/or posts plus in extreme cases warning or banning members.

Whilst we try to be as open as possible in moderation of the forums, the moderators will not enter into public debate over the rights and wrongs of a moderating decision. Any posts questioning a moderators decision, or the forum rules, will be deleted and could lead to a ban.

The moderators will, at their absolute discretion, delete the account of any member whom they feel is a disruptive influence. This decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Deciding how to act when a post is reported can be difficult, as not all instances are clear cut. In these cases moderators have to exercise judgement as to whether or not the post is appropriate and act accordingly. I'd like to think we get it right more often than not, although one thing is certain, we will never please everyone. A moderators decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Although the majority of us would prefer to say exactly what we want, when we want sometimes it's best to take a little time before posting a reply to a topic that's got you worked up. Whatever you say is going to live on the forum for a long time and sometimes long enough for you to regret saying it. Think before you post.

Moderators will not delete posts (and disrupt threads) in the future just because you've had a change of view. It's also worth knowing that all content posted on forum boards becomes the property of the forum boards, which in this case is

We've not had many instances of members being banned and hopefully that'll be the way things continue. However, on occasion, members have been banned and that ban can last for a few days or be permanent depending on the situation.

Moderators will not enter into any discussion about the banning and members are requested to respect the decision. Any threads started up by close friends of the banned member questioning the moderators will be deleted and lead to a banning of the 'friend'.

Banned members can use the 'contact us' button at the bottom of all forum pages if they consider their banning to be the result of a mistake.

Members selling their personal bike/gear etc. is encouraged and a popular section on the forum.

Members selling multiple items of the same product is considered to be an advert. If a post is deemed as an 'advert' it will be deleted.

There can be a fine line between what's information and what's an advert but generally speaking its obvious where the intent lies.

No company logos to be used for promotion in profile avatars or user names. The ABR forum is about the people and not about companies, products and services.

No company logos or corporate promotion in forum signatures.

It is perfectly acceptable for vendors to identify themselves and enter forum discussions relating to their products or services but not to start a thread about their products and services. Vendors need to be aware before posting that forum discussions can also highlight weaknesses in a product or service and that moderators will not intervene.


No posting of vulgar or obscene material, or other inappropriate or illegal material.

No posting of someone's personal details, i.e. telephone numbers, address, email address etc.

Posting of PM's or any other personal communication between members will get you banned

Please use discretion using swear words in posts.

No posting of copyrighted material.

No derogatory comments against others, including slurs based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or political affiliation.

Personal threats or harassment will get you banned

Treat fellow posters with respect and courtesy.

No business offers or advertising of any kind.

You may only register one User ID. Multiple IDs are not allowed.

ID's must not advertise a website or business e.g. Or Motorcycle Holidays

No impersonation of other users.

No irritating posting styles, including use of all caps and excessive punctuation.

Responses within a thread must remain "on topic" to that thread. The mods will exercise discretion and will delete posts within a thread that appear to "invade" the thread or digress from its subject.

You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with any copyright with regards to published material and your avatar.

To report a rule violation in a board post, click "Report this Post" to inform a moderator.



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