Riding a motorcycle during the current lockdown.

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Re: Riding a motorcycle during the current lockdown.

Post by daveuprite » Sat Nov 14, 2020 5:54 pm

Well said, Chris. I think it's that factor above all that keeps me focused on staying within the rules. I just can't square a bit of indvidual freedom (or selfishness, you could call it) with the massive suffering of those like you who are putting their lives on the line each day to care for covid patients.

I wish that one of the TV channels showed some kind of live feed with head cams and other cameras inside a busy Covid intensive care unit. We should all be shown what it's like to see people suffer and die right in front of us, to clear up afterwards, to tell the relatives etc etc. It might make some think twice about their whining for personal freedoms, 'rights' to not wear masks, whingeing about lockdown and other selfish nonsense. We should all be putting wider society, and the most vulnerable within it, first for a change.

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Re: Riding a motorcycle during the current lockdown.

Post by Monster » Sun Nov 15, 2020 4:06 pm

Hi All

Just a penny or two from me here ...

I have been rather busy during the last 6 months and spend a lot of time working and going in and out of hospital as a direct supplier
Of course just being in that environment is a worry ... we have regular tests

I went for a solo ride last weekend when it was lovely and sunny as I had not been out for a while. I had to run a few errands and so i used my bike. I went carefully about my business enjoying the day and the freedoms I have (it was Remembrance Sunday actually).

What was much harder to believe and/or justify ... the 3 sportsbikes who went past me at great speed when we were in a 30 MPH (and i was already doing close to 40), even worse was the group of 5 bikes that went past in the opposite direction. I can only worry about myself I guess

Stay safe ... and sane people
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