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covid dystopia

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 5:59 pm
by garyboy
I thought I would start a new thread.
On people's (personal) experiences of the new Pandemic .. a day in the life of .. or their experiences to date.

I will start with my previous post on another thread ..

Re: corvid dystopia

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 6:00 pm
by garyboy
Well today I took a bus ride to Tescos. .. It was chocka block full.
On the bus were the usual cruddy plebs .. an old wizened guy in front with a shrivelled scabby face underneath a manky mop of greasy half-hair. I couldn't tell if the allergic reaction I was getting was from him or the putrid looking fur around his old hoody. Then I realised my allergy was from the manky looking pooch in front of the zombic `man`. …. YUK … fukkin yuk !!!! .. a good start to the apocalypse !!

Once I escaped from the dangerous bus enclosure, the local Town was very busseling and full of near-normal people. Had they not heard of the declared world Pandemic ???

All seemed normal until I came to the local pharmacy … which had a sign, two signs in fact …` If you have a recent dry cough .. do not enter !!! .. turn round and go home !! .. and stay there for 7 days` … Charming !! .. .. .. so how do they pick up their anti-zombie pills?

But it was Tescos itself that brought it all home .. It had an eerie silence .. like as if people were trying their best to look normal …. but a third of the shelves were empty. The girl on the till avoided touching my hand (nothing new there then) .. and the people were walking around like .. well .. like .. polite zombies ... really were?

Re: corvid dystopia

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 6:15 pm
by garyboy
I forgot to mention ..

when I had finished my shopping, I was walking towards the café, for a rare treat of egg and chips (I know) .. when I let out a huge SNEEZE … I have long flowing white hair and a strange moustache, and dressed in all black (just to set the scene) ..
and EVERYONE in the store looked around at me in ALARM … don't know why :lol:

Re: corvid dystopia

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:08 pm
by garyboy
Well .. it all started for me when I caught a cold off the repair man who came into my flat with a heavy cold infection. I have alweays had a very good immune system, as, over the years I have avoided pills of all types, plus I always believed I had good jeans, even though they have shrunk with age.

Atually, upon reflection, it may have started when I met a lady warden, in a park, who came from Malaysia. We spoke for a few hours, but it was only after I returned home that is realised that she may have made contact with a home infected person or something, perhaps after a visit?

When I contracted the cold, this meeting seemed to take more relevance .. and I began to get a bit worried .. especially as I `never` get a cold. Being a niaive and stupid person, I actually visited my family, to do some carrying of rubbish to the dump (recycling centre) .. not once but three times .. doh !! .. hope they will be ok.

Following that I finally decided that I need a hearing test as I just cannot hear some people talking in a room, or outside the west end bikers café (serious times). I managed to get up early today, despite feeling a bit wobbly (it is lasting a long time?) and visited the doctor .. trouble is I could not hear what she was saying .. what ? .. sorry ? say that again …. I dont know if it was part of the test? but she also had a lisp and a very quiet voice. .. doh !!

Anyway .. it was a bright sunny day .. plenty of time for a ride on the motorbike or Emtb … but decided I needed 5 minutes rest first … 5 hours later I woke up .. and .. er .. went stockpiling again to tescos .. :? :o :lol:

that's when I realised that I am getting old and senile .. and that I am a prime example of the `vulnerable` people.

So .. thank you all for your concern for my safety and health.
Jolly decent of you all :)

Re: corvid dystopia

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:13 pm
by Asgard
Yeah, but what has this got to do with Crows/Ravens, etc?

Re: corvid dystopia

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:26 pm
by garyboy
it has been found scientifically that the corvid virus has zoomorphed (I heard the word on the bbc) .. from black raptors to black people and then to yellow people and then to white people with pink spots (I made up the pink spots .. but the rest is true, coz it waz on the internet)

Also .. Tippi Hedren told me, when filming, `the birds` with Fred.

Re: corvid dystopia

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:51 pm
by garyboy
I spelld it rong

I changt it now :mrgreen:

Re: covid dystopia

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 1:57 am
by garyboy
the film `Idiocracy` is coming more to my mind, as day by day, the world is getting crazier and crazier.

I really think all these catastrophe films and Armageddon games have a great deal to answer for, in leading human behaviour, to its present level of mass hysteria.

Yes its a global infection .. but so are other infections .. and so far the unfortunate death toll is a lot less.
People are dying, but why is it all causing such a stir ..
shutdowns, bankruptcies, market losses, sports venues closed, streets empty, serious looking leaders backed by credible experts, travel limited or curtailed, production slowed or halted, empty supermarket shelves, ..
about something we do not actually know much about? and whose effect is very limited though unfortunate?

I have never seen anything like this .. not the infection effects, but the behavioural hysteria.

The hysteria is more infectious than the virus, and far more dangerous.

Re: covid dystopia

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 2:10 am
by garyboy
there is talk of troops on the streets, and forceful detention of suspects.
Will there be vigilante gangs roaming the streets and breaking into suspects homes and exterminating their threat?
Farm production cease? Transport at a standstill for food deliveries?
Reservoirs cut off? Air in buildings filtered and rationed?
Schools become a thing of the past? Education curtailed? Physical jobs non existent?

Whatever happens .. this mass over reaction is going to change the world forever.

Too many zombie films, too many vampires and werewolves .. all fictional stuff meant to scare us into spending more at the box office, or over the internet, and increasing the influence and power of the media. The world leaders having to follow suit with announcements of national emergencies and finger pointing at the sources of infection liability.

There is a real danger from any virus threat, of course, .. but not as much as from planned panic.

Perhaps I have got this all wrong … after all, that old guy I used to see walking the towns and cities with `the end is nigh` plackard .. is well, not there anymore.

My personal reaction .. which is what this thread is supposed to be about, (for anyone to post their personal experiences of the virus threat) .. is one of utter shock .. at peoples reaction .. over reaction rather.

If the virus is a deadly as its supposed to be .. then all these plans, phases of operations, security measures etc, will be of no avail, .. so there is actually no point in pursuing them. The virus will not be controlled my man .. but by nature.
as it is too quick for a man made serum or cure.

Dying to get back on yer bike?
well .. go for it.
might as well.

Whatever happens, genuine best wishes to everyone .. don't panic, but just carry on.
If you really want to self isolate to save the planet, please do.
But remember that it was only recently that we were all going to save the planet by not buying a plastic shopping bag.

I just hope it all ends soon … er, so to speak. :lol: 8-)

Re: covid dystopia

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 7:13 am
by ggp59
Have you ever considered not using the internet in the early hours of the morning??
But if you insist, maybe find a forum that is actually interested in the shite you're churning out, as you look a bit top heavy in the amount of reactions to your own post here!

I realise even this post is what you want - an actual reaction, so won't be reading or commenting any further.

At least you were amusing when cataloguing the destruction of an innocent CRF 250! :?