Slumit tents, worth it?

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Re: Slumit tents, worth it?

Post by Slumit » Mon Feb 24, 2020 3:38 pm

Hi there SSchultz

Thanks for your interest in early 2018.

Just to offer an update to anyone who may come across this thread and are interested in our range of tents; our latest 2020 model now packs our largest number of design changes and updates since our launch back in 2008 (and since this thread was started in 2018).

Of course, depending on which model and edition owned (or have used), will determine which feature list the model comes with.

At time of writing, recent upgrades include (but not limited to):

A re-designed inner tent to offer a larger internal sleeping cabin when compared to earlier models. A new 2-Point Guy System - replacing standard guy design - the 2-Point Guy System has been rigorously field stress tested to offer additional support and stability, boosting performance to equipment and FlashFrame™ system in adverse weather and windier conditions. The Hydrostatic Head (ie. waterproofing) has also been increased, along with a UV+50 treatment to help protect the fabric coatings and occupants from harmful UV rays. “No-See-Um” fine mesh is used throughout, replacing standard mosquito mesh on previous editions. And in regard to the frame, two thirds of the rod frame sections are now constructed from solid fibreglass poles, whereas most instant pitch or pop-up tents use hollow poles. And the old carry case has also been replaced with our new FlashPack™ easy stuff bag - similar to a dry bag design.

While new images are being organised, the current website images do not show the redesigned fully-open inner door design with a stuff-away corner pocket - it’s now possible to fully open the inner door and stuff it away in the small corner pocket provided. Therefore the inner door fabric no longer attaches at the bottom, which some customers advised could get in their way, when entering or leaving the sleeping area. And the porch pole sleeve on the GOBI 3 has been reduced in length by 80% and replaced with a quick thread and clip system to make pitching your GOBI 3 even faster and easier.

Full list of latest features and upgrades can be found over on our website.

We also offer an optional Extra Guy Support Kit which is compatible with all models, and recommended if travelling remotely or overseas - especially if planning a trip around weather and wind is difficult or not possible. Free wind forecasting sites like Ventusky (;-5.7;5&l=gust) are excellent and recommended for planning an excursion, to help ensure a safe and damage free journey. Further information on the Extra Guy Kit can be found on our web site accessories page, and use the code ABR15 at checkout to receive a discount on the Extra Guy Kit accessory.

If you have read this far, thank you, and any questions please get in touch.

Please note: We do not actively monitor discussion boards, and any questions posted on this thread may not be viewed or responded to in a timely manner. If you have any questions on any of our products including the latest design changes and upgrades, please reach out to us via our website contact page, we are here to help.

Many thanks!
The Slumit UK Team

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Re: Slumit tents, worth it?

Post by catcitrus » Mon Feb 24, 2020 6:58 pm

the original Kyham igloo is better if you can find one in good nick (I have one but don't use it on the bike)-- the problem is always pack size, length and the poles won't take a storm--ok in good weather , and if you have the room I guess--I'll stick with blacks and terra nova for most trips as they can be trusted--I've seen Slumits collapse in a strong breeze!

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