20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

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20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by johnnyboxer » Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:59 am

Interesting report here, from some German RTW travellers


Here's an english copy of the text

We chose the CCM's, which are still quite new on the market - reasons for this were:

20 liter tank
Little electronics
BMW engine
Many KTM / Husqvarna spare parts
Low version for Lobke
The range, weight and ease of handling still impress us - but there were some things during the first 6 months of our trip, which unfortunately did not quite go as we hoped.


The original luggage, which was delivered with this model of the GP 450, did not hold on the first trip, which was promised us. Water tightness has not been the case on both motorcycles. Sufficient for a weekend trip in the summer it is certainly, but for a long trip including rain: Sorry, no - so you can not go on such a tour! Since the bags are adapted for the CCM, we have disposed of these. We then decided on the saddlebags, a tanker and a luggage reel from Enduristan.

We use the loading options well through the Enduristan saddlebags - we use the original small straps, which we have however extended over time (small welding action).

Furthermore, we have a small reserve tank (3 liters) below the left side carrier. Behind the driver we travel with a luggage reel - behind Tom is a 10 liter reserve for the really fuel-rare regions and at Lobke the tent attached.

This all works quite well.

Seat bench

Before the tour we let the seat be adapted for 2 reasons:

The original seat was too soft. We wanted to prevent the feeling of falling asleep and we could reach with a somewhat harder seat
The 450 seat was not waterproof. Through the seams you could even see through.
The removal of the seat from the GP 450 is from our point of view very impractical, as you have to use a long Allen key to remove a screw at the bottom of the seat at the wheel box (above the rear wheel). Especially after driving through mud and sand you have to remove the dirt to get to the screw.

Mounting the saddle occasionally presents a challenge, since it is not possible to hook and snap into the brackets. Here, the screw must be adjusted from under the seat to the seat with the Allen - and this does not necessarily fit quickly and easily.

Refueling / Tank

Too bad the GP 450 is fueled from behind. The result is that we have to unload the luggage when we want to refuel. For travelers this is of course not practical, as we also use a luggage reel.

With about 4.5 liters per 100 km, the consumption fits us very well.

The right tank must be removed during maintenance work on the air filter (especially after a lot of journeys through sand or dust) or the spark plug. This is basically no problem, but leads almost always to Bezinverlust! How so? There is no petrol cock to "turn off" the inflow so to speak. Thus, we always lose some petrol during disassembly - especially when the tank is full.

Unfortunately service work is not only when the tank is almost empty !!!

Moreover, mounting the removed tank is often a problem because the screw holes (from the tank) are difficult to position correctly.

CCM has not yet answered the question of a petrol cock even after 3 months.


The attached Garmin ZUMO 660 respectively 590 fit well on the motorcycles. We rarely switch the auxiliary headlights because we try not to drive in the dark.

USB and 12V can provide our required devices well by electricity (eg mobile phone and the SENA communication system).

The grip heating helps us to warm the wet or cold fingers.


The GP 450 can be used both on the road and on the road like a bicycle. Light and agile.


So far, fortunately, there were only slight casualties when we could not hold the motorcycles in the sand or in the mud, when they had too much oblique position.

An accident or crash has been saved so far! This should and should remain so.

Side protection brackets (both motorcycles)

These two brackets are broken several times in Tom. The vibrations and many humpbacks melt the material.

3x they were welded (okay, maybe the welding works were not high-gloss), but broke again very quickly.

Lobke's bike also broke both brackets.

In the meantime, we have received new protective brackets from England. So far without incidents, but last but not least we were off the normal roads.

Warranty: yes

Cockpit Break (Lobke)

Lobke drives the lower version of the GP 450 - this is 10cm lower than the normal version (Tom). This ensures that Lobke has good ground contact after last year's wrinkle fracture.

The whole thing is, of course, at the expense of the limited spring travel.

We went on the Ruta 40 in the north of Argentina many, many Buckelpisten-kilometers. We suspect the cockpit could not stand it - and broke. Right and left. A part of the plastic diamond as well as the subframe had to be sent and replaced.

Furthermore, we suspect that the lower version of the CCM is too hard to go beyond all the many off-road impairments undamaged. Was this sufficiently tested?

CCM said: "these parts do not just" break "they fail for a reason". Yes, we see the same! We were told by email from England that we were overthrown ("some sort of crash"). However, this is not the case!!!

Warranty: NO!

Lamp holder broken (Lobke)

Probably in the context of the cockpit and the 200 km bump piste, the left lamp holder at Lobke is also broken. Also the lamp had to be sent and replaced by us.

Again, we were told by CCM that there must have been a fall!

Warranty: NO!

Electronics (Tom)

The blinker was broken after about 7000 km and had to be replaced.

Warranty: NO!

Battery (Tom)

Here we have the impression that the battery power was not calculated as sufficiently, for what is offered with the purchase of the motorcycle with (additional headlight, handle heating). These consumers, in parallel in use, ensure that the battery even after a break of a few days, is no longer fully functional.

So we had to fight after a stoppage of the motorcycles of a week in Punta Arenas really hard, that Tom's motorcycle starts. Even after two weeks of waiting for the new sprocket in Osorno was even without the support of a car nothing more feasible.

Screw losses (both motorcycles)

We can not count anymore how many screws we have lost despite the screw-lock. Apparently, the vibrations are so violent that it always leads to the screws saying goodbye.

Spontaneous solution: we've now patched a lot of screws. Does not look nice, but is rare to meet.

Handle heating (both motorcycles)

Okay, a phenomenon that is quite common. The adhesive dissolves with time. From our point of view this happened quite early - after only 5000 km. And we had connected the handle heater until then only 3x.

CCM recommends the use of Gorilla Clue, but does not seem to use it - a pity!

License Plate Holder (Tom)

Tom lost his complete license plate after a ride on the Carretera Austral (canceled) and had to go back and find us (which ultimately also worked).

We are still looking for a solution for further mounting on the CCM plastic.

Clutch cable (Lobke)

At only 7,000 km the Lobke coupling cable ripped. We find this too early. Fortunately we have 2 reserve ropes. Otherwise, we would certainly have settled for a while in Susques.

After 21,000 km, the next rope at Lobke gives the spirit - with Tom the first clutch train still held 21,000 km.

CCM has responded as follows: "... my guess is that you've got it fitted in the incorrect position for this to happen" and "We can assist in fitting the cable correctly".

Comically, then we must have received a Montagsmotorrad - finally the clutch cable at Lobke after only 7,000 kilometers torn => that was, so to speak, the delivery cable - perhaps because CCM something is not properly mounted ???

Exhaust (Tom)

Tom's GP 450 is equipped with enough spring travel. However, we have found that the original luggage rack on the exhaust side drills from above into the exhaust. That is not good at all!

We have not received an opinion on this after 3 months of CCM!

Sidestand almost lost (Tom)

Tom wanted to park the motorcycle at a campsite and put it on the side stand. In this experiment, the fastening screw and the side stand hung on the spring only!

Screw losses on the sprocket (Tom)

Probably the most serious and dangerous screw loss and incident occurred to Tom.

We drive to a campsite and choose a place for the night, when Tom notices that a wheel blocks easily. He thinks of a stone in front of the wheel and can start. After we start again, a wheel blocks easily again. We stop and look. The sight that is presented to us frightens us: 4 of 6 screws at the sprocket are gone, one still hangs loose at the sprocket and has caused the blocking!

We thought, "What's going on?"

Luckily, the screw loss has been noticeable to us more or less in the stand. What would have happened if we had lost the last screw during the journey?

In Salta the motorcycles were in a BMW workshop for a check - no complaints - so we are all the more shocked!

We look at our motorbikes in the evening - especially after the off-road trips. This something happened - unbelievable for us. The sprocket, the nuts and bolts, had to be replaced, and of course, replaced.

Spare parts supply

In Argentina one is exposed to an extremely high import tariff (50%). This can very quickly become very expensive. For that one waits a long time for the delivery.

In El Calafate we were told that we should also wait for the chain and pinion 45-60 days ...

In Chile the supply is much better. With Motoaventura, however, we have also found competent people through support from Heidenau, which are also well-connected within Chile. We were able to send material to Motoaventura several times (from England and Germany). So we are very satisfied.


We are always at CCM's disposal to initiate orders. Until now, the warranty has been relegated to the multi-braked brackets. We are blamed for each of our problems. Often because of false assumptions and assumptions.

We were informed that a Dakar rider had to check his motorbike every night! Well, of course we do. But after that it is not asked at all.

We feel more than left alone by CCM England (not our dealer in Germany) - we have the impression that this is mainly about selling the bike quickly. Then the customer remains left to himself. Only for order is available (costs).

As travelers must realize that we are not the only customers with the mentioned or similar problems. We also unfortunately have to recognize that CCM behaves similarly here and reacts in some cases not to contact recordings.

If we had to decide for a motorbike for our tour today, our choice would no longer be on CCM GP 450 Adventure S. From our point of view, the GP 450 is not an adventure bike, which we can recommend. For us the general question is: is this bike a Traveler Bike and really designed for long trips?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from other CCM drivers.
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Re: 20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by MHsnowy » Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:45 am

Not a great choice as a travel bike then.

An easier read here.


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Re: 20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by jonny955 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:00 am

Thanks for posting, Johnny.

Taken in isolation, this would be enough to dissuade many buyers for sure however there are always two sides to a coin. Reading between the lines, there may have been opportunities for preventative maintenance that would have nipped these in the bud before they became breakdowns.

I am particularly surprised at the clutch cable snapping (7,000km). If it was under strain or on it's way out, surely that would be noticed by the rider before failing?

I do agree that CCM could have addressed some items of the design in a more user-friendly way. Many owners have come up with some clever modifications including seat fastening using a thumbwheel and studs to locate the LH/RH tanks more easily. What we also need is a way to isolate the fuel line before removal but it's great to see so much work in progress on the FB page etc.

Some owners will accept that CCM have limited resources to develop a product like the major manufacturers and some will not. Whether the former are idiots or the latter are unreasonable is a matter of opinion :).


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Re: 20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by nathanthepostman » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:11 am

Looking at the chap's pictures I get the impression he considered the bike something of a mule, much like you would a DRZ400 or KLR650, hanging luggage off the front brace and overloading the rear. I'm not saying the CCM is delicate, but it's clearly designed to be light and agile, and sometimes you lose a bit of the durability as a result, especially if you take liberties with it on corrugated roads for miles on end. This guy possibly misjudged what he was buying and would have been better off with any of the other aforementioned machines. Or just packing a bit lighter. Odd about the sprocket bolts. Even those on the postie are thread locked. Can't see those on the CCM being any different.

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Re: 20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by Whippet » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:11 am

I wonder if the guys doing the Transamericas Expediton are having similar problems ? reading their blog they are doing regular maintainance as a preventative measure, no reports of similar problems from them yet. There doing the Darien Gap too, which is no mean feat. IMHO if your hammering your bike through inhospitable environments then shit happens :ohmy:

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Re: 20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by PaulinBont » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:25 am

Hopefully the perception that CCM are more interested in pure sales rather than supporting customers proves to be a false one or their reputation will suffer. Only time will tell

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Re: 20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by minkyhead » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:47 am

i dunno ..the picture s of the two krega bags hung off the lighting bar at the front is at best a bad idea ..there will be some hammer going on there pulling at the brackets i belive that they did contrubute to that failure two ten litre bags bouncing up and down is not a great idea ?

Imageaaa by minkyhead56, on Flickr[/img]

clutch cable ??? well it happens

lost bolt in a sidestand ..?

headlamp ..connected with overloading cockpit

nuts and bolts coming loose on a dirtbike ? how unusual

battery draw ..i guess they dont know how to use a volmeter and manage electrical load before setting off ....

heated grip glue ..common and hardly unique

sprocket carrier bolts ..i dont belive they lost 5 in one day :whistle: ..someone somwhere hasnt touqued them correctly ..i put tippex on mine a visual check

the mudguard stays on the ccm can have a tendancy for the bolts to come loose and that can cause em to flap and distress ... locktight spring washer

ive over 20.000 up on ccms 450 and had pretty much no major problems at all
whats the wether forcast ..wheres me map

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Re: 20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by The Sarge » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:55 am

PaulinBont wrote:Hopefully the perception that CCM are more interested in pure sales rather than supporting customers proves to be a false one or their reputation will suffer. Only time will tell
Well it certainly backs up my experience of dealing with them and the fragility of the bike ' a sheep in wolves clothing ' :pinch:

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Re: 20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by Sanqhar » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:58 am

Check out John Drogan's comments, with pictures, on the GP450 Facebook group.

My take on the sprocket bolts, an over aggressive check will break the thread-lock.

... and today was a good day in the life of...

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Re: 20,000 km's on a CCM GP450

Post by bfgjohno » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:17 pm

The Trans Americas guys have had to skip the Darien Gap as they were refused permissions.

They do seem to be having problems with spoke breakages but don't mention other issues. Of note is their statement that they have done 2000km off tar - not alot really.

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