BMW R1200GS LC Tyre Pressure Alarm

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Re: BMW R1200GS LC Tyre Pressure Alarm

Post by minkyhead » Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:58 am

overall im in the progress camp ..sure ita apain if your sensors are inboard ,,but for 25 quid now theres plug and play sytems that work just fine off the dustacaps
im unfortunatly a vetren of two pretty bad offs due to front tyre deflation on the road never even heard of these things till 18 months ago i have em on every bike
really like the real time readout ...and were all lazy on duel sports ...i have a min set for the alarm generally run 16 16 soon as you wheel the bike out of the garage ive been warned /bullied more than afew time to top up .. and it just does what were supposed to do every day but dont
both offs were inevitabley on bends as the soft tyre cried enough and bent to show the rim ..not nice
i were buzzin home on the moss last year and the red alarm flashed and sounded ..indeeed i had a puncture going down a at a fair rate ...i were only 4 miles from home so managed to stop three times and get it back to deal with in the garage ....
the bit i really liked is that i knew i had a punture well before finding out the old fashioned way .i have the alarm set at 12 but any deflation of more than 2psi a minute triggers it ..and this mother would have been pretty dangerouse in less than mile from the alarm
i really do like it and peresonally think they a re brilliant
be ineteresting to see how much bmw charge but all in all i think there ace ..i guess you can see how i rank it in priority now by theposition its mounted ..its the first thing isee on the dash

whats the wether forcast ..wheres me map

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Re: BMW R1200GS LC Tyre Pressure Alarm

Post by Richard Simpson Mark II » Mon Jan 11, 2021 11:52 am

I don't have a problem with the warning me the problem comes when what should be a discrete system is integrated into the bike's electronic architecture. At that point it stops being a safety aid and starts being a profit centre for a franchised workshop.
The question about moderating the output of a 200 hp motorcycle engine so you can safely use it on the road to me just indicates a technological wrong turn...why have a 200 hp engine in the first place? Even before all this 'ride by wire' stuff I recall a dyno bloke telling me that the full engine power was only available on one gear on some superbike or other: the top two gears were restricted to stop it taking off (as he put it) and the lower three to stop it flipping over on its back.
On the other hand, I really don't miss adjusting ignition points or drying them out after they get wet. :D

This highlights the cost issue, and may also be of interest to the OP if he's looking for a cheaper solution ... placement/

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Re: BMW R1200GS LC Tyre Pressure Alarm

Post by ollydog » Mon Jan 11, 2021 6:12 pm

first new gas i bought in 2010, i specked this with no aids nothing nadder, i think this was the only gsa twin cam they sold with basic spec and price at £10400, 74k miles in 23 months and only a puncture
My LC on the other hand pump module, headlights, and now pressure sensors

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Re: BMW R1200GS LC Tyre Pressure Alarm

Post by simonw » Mon Jan 11, 2021 6:23 pm

Does anyone have any recommendations/experience with/for generic aftermarket solutions?

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