Tunnel crossing safety

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Re: Tunnel crossing safety

Post by V_King » Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:40 am

Watch less news and you'll be fine :lol:
Was going back and forth during the height of the crisis two years ago through Dover-Calais and just saw a random fella further down the road crossing the road. They are not interested in bikes and media is just scare mongering. Same with channel tunnel last summer as well.
p.s. also I was in Budapest two years ago when the according to media the main train station was a refugee barracks and they were building walls. the whole week I was commuting from main train station and explored the Budapest throughout and did not see a single refugee. Makes sometimes you think whether some of those news reports are filmed in the school theatre down the road from the studio to add some drama to the plain news show agenda.

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Re: Tunnel crossing safety

Post by OnHellas » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:03 am

petecam wrote:I travel though the Chunnel on a regular basis both in car and on bike. I think to be honest they target large vans and trucks. They want to hide away and get into the UK. Not much hope with a bike or car.

I often see them walking about or hiding in the scrub but that's it.

Biggest danger is if they try and block the road to stop trucks. But that seems to be worse on the road down from Dunkirk. Just keep you're speed down as you approach Calais and you'll be fine.

I think the goings on at Calais is over exaggerated in the U.K press (qu'elle surprise !)

In 2015/early 2016 I did multiple trips with a truck to and from Calais.
Scary at times I can tell you! This was before the terminal for trucks had been updated to as it is now so the queue would be out on the motorway and slip roads. On various occasions there were hundreds of migrants, many with knives cutting the curtains on soft sided trucks and trailers. Forcing trailer doors open. Trying to open the doors to the cab, climbing on to trailers.......exaggerated by the press????? Maybe....but let me tell you it was real.

The two trips have I've made this year, both in April, were fine. No problems.

On the plus side, going by bike or car I never had any issues at all.

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