Rally Group Riding Guide

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Rally Group Riding Guide

Post by James691 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:12 pm

Group Ride Out Guide.


One of the main reasons that ABR Rallies are such a great success story is the fact that we love few things more than riding our bikes! Holding rally ride outs is something that many of us look forward to and to that end I have put together some options for ride leaders.

We must take into account that we all have our own comfort zones and ability level when riding a bike, some may never have ridden in a group before. Leading a group will have unique challenges that I hope to help address.

Plan Your Ride.

If you have a plan then you have a briefing, this is not storming an Embassy and so just a short chat to your riders to let them know where you will be taking them and about the 2nd Man Drop Off System.

As the Ride Leader I would advise the following.

Print off a route map to show riders.

Have a first aid kit.

Have a mobile phone and the number of your Tail End Charlie.

The 2nd Man Drop Off System.

Ride Leader - At the front of the ride you have, as you would expect, the Ride Leader. The Ride Leader will have the route of the ride out and the contact number of the Tail End Charlie.

Tail End Charlie – Bringing up the rear of the ride is the Tail End Charlie. The TEC should also know the route in case the 2MDO system is broken by a rider. I would advice a reflective yellow bib to help identify yourself to the 2nd Man as well as a double flash of your head lights.

The job of the TEC is to look out for anyone dropping behind or break-downs, also to ensure that no one gets left behind. The TEC is also the look out for any accidents that may happen on the ride out and liaise with Emergency Services.

Riders - Between the RL and the TEC are the riders, various abilities, confidence and experience levels will be in the mix.

The System needs ALL riders to do their part to work.

The Ride Leader rides off at a pace that allows the rider in position 2 to keep up without having to rush or break the speed limit of the road – being in a ride out gives you no legal exemption to the Road Traffic Act -. The rest of the group can stagger at whatever legal speed they feel comfortable with. You can be spread out a good distance and even out of sight of other riders as you will not get lost if the system is followed.

When the Ride Leader comes to a junction, the Rider in position 2 stops by that junction and indicates the direction the Lead Rider has gone.

Rider 2 MUST stay at the junction until flashed by the TEC (Tail End Charlie) and it is the responsibility of each Rider to be able to identify the TEC.

The Ride Leader must slow until he/she has a new position 2 Rider before he/she takes another junction turn.

When the TEC does arrive at the junction the stopped Rider will be flashed and able to move off to join the group, leaving the TEC at the rear of the ride.

At the next junction the new Position 2 Rider drops off and is then waiting to be at the rear of the ride when the TEC comes along and flashes.

The Golden Rules of the Ride.

• ALWAYS drop off if you are Position 2 Rider.

• ONLY go as fast as you feel is comfortable and ALWAYS within the legal speed limits.

• NEVER bug ( ride up the arse end) the rider in front of you.

• NEVER overtake a Rider without them giving specific signals to do so.

• NEVER panic and try to catch up.

• REMEMBER you will be representing ABR out on the public road.

• NEVER leave the junction until the TEC has arrived.

Safe Riding.

One of the biggest causes of accidents according to RoSPA is from Riders playing ‘follow the leader’ – this is trying to constantly keep up with the rider in front and not leaving enough gap.
These are usually down to riding too close to the vehicle in front, or the vehicle behind you being too close.”

There is no need to do this – The Ride Leader will be looking for Position 2 Rider and slow down if required, riding to Position 2 Riders speed comfort zone.

If you cannot see a bike in front or a bike behind DO NOT PANIC, slow down, rather than speed up and let the TEC catch you.

This system will keep rotating Riders around, so everyone gets a chance to ride to the speed limits.

Motorway and Dual Carriageway Cavalcade Riding.

Here it does become important to keep the Rider in front in sight as stopping on a motorway hard shoulder to let people catch up or to indicate a turn off is illegal.

The RL should ride approx 10 mph slower than the National Speed Limit in my opinion to allow the group to adjust.

Riding in a staggered formation allows the group to keep closer while still remaining safe, so if the bike ahead of you is to the right, then you would position your bike on the left and so on down the group.

Using this system and combined with the no overtaking rule, you can ride to the bike behind and not only stay in touch but also make your group more visible and therefore safer for all out on the road.

Most Importantly.

Have fun and live to ride another day.
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