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EDC Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite.
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TOPIC: EDC Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite.

EDC Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553822

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I'm heading back again on my annual ride out to Morocco 'provisionally' from 0700hrs 20.10.17 until 03.11.17 or there after.

I can overshoot the return dates which means a more sedate return through Maroc and Europe.

(I'm retired and I can be flexible with dates)

Michelin Map number 742 refers.

Rough general routes to give a taste of as much of the variation Maroc has to offer, to be decided at a later date.


Short for 'Équipe des Chèvres'..... (Team of Goats) Not because we ride daring high trails on cliff faces where only goats dare to tread.......but because of the way we behave....yes,we really are that stupid,following each other blindly.

If anyone is interested in joining me they're more than welcome.

If anyone is interested in arriving at my house in southern France to stay just before the dates they're welcome. Look for a village called Asson with a postcode of 64800.

I've been to Maroc frequently and know how it and the locals work... I speak French and can assist with any problems that might arise eg customs.

We will be riding easy trails and might be throwing in some wild camping here and there on spec. I'll explain below in a lengthy manner.....

Normally we check into accommodation as it's so cheap to include an evening meal as well as breakfast. If you read through my last ride report (link at the bottom of the page) it will show up typical prices.

On one of my trips I went with camping kit and didn't use it,because,as I say the accommodation was so cheap. Better looking at it than for it.

The reason to have the capability to have basic camping which is of your own choice is that it covers the following scenario if it should arise.

In the past with a group if there are any delays due to e.g. mechanical failure or a puncture along with darkness approaching then one can at least bed down for the night without getting stressed as where one will be sleeping that night.

If we think we have to be at a particular town for a certain time and there is indeed a goofy problem or three or four,then this stress and need to be somewhere evolves into your holiday not being as good as it should be.

Herein lies the secret of just knowing where you'll be going but not with in a time constraint. My ride out includes rest days so any thing that needs repairing of a more serious nature.....the rest days are juggled and moved to accommodate.

When on the beaten track this is never usually a problem as we'll ride to a town and find somewhere. Off the beaten track with darkness approaching in an hour with no chance of coming across a town until a good few hours later quickly aggravates people. An hour or so before sundown lets us get sorted,eat calmly and sort any problem out tomorrow.

It may sound like overkill or needless to bring kit and never use it but to illustrate a point on a previous ride out the group were all remote trail riding heading for a town about an hour and a half away to stay in at the end of the days ride.

Of course,as usual,at the end of the day we had a puncture. The time lost to repair same meant we were never going to arrive at the town so we simply found a place to camp...made dinner..had a chat...watched the sun go down and effected repairs the next morning before continuing to enjoy the trails....Zero stress.

Without the facility to camp stress levels would have risen without a sleep in moto kit on the ground....nothing much to eat...nothing to assist if you needed to go to the toilet...etc etc

A bigger group means more potential for goofy problems....Imagine two thorn punctures...or three throughout the day.Imagine time lost. Imagine the stress compounded? This is why you know where you're going but don't know exactly when you have to be there. That buffer zone of rest days allows you to enjoy your holiday and deal with stuff as and if it arises.

All this to say,Maroc will find weaknesses in your moto with no doubt and to allow for that needs to be factored in. From a broken lever to things vibrating off...all things that require time to fettle on the day.

It's all a bit like going out for a hill walk with a day sac with basic food,bivvy bag,water and a first aid'll put the day sack back in the boot at the car park upon returning and drive on home. If you twist your ankle though you have all that you need otherwise.

Not only should each rider be autonomous in the way of having the ability to camp if days are extended but also have the ability to effect running repairs on their own moto and cater for same in the way of spares etc.....such things as changing out clutch cables,gear levers etc to knowing how to repair a puncture.

There 'may' also be an option to roughly parallel any off road trails with road riding to arrive at the same place usually on the same day or the day thereafter.

If any break downs occur I have a contact who will transport the motos to where ever at your own cost.

I'll try to keep you right so you pay what you should be paying as best I can, rather than getting fleeced

Essential qualities required: sense of humour and also....

The ability to together when..ahem...I mean, if, it all goes wrong.

Also to have the ability to together,solely for the purpose to gang up, to point, ridicule and laugh at those others in the group that do stupid things. (I'm an expert at getting pointed at)

The ability to ......wing it.

If you're a grumpy old codger and you're content to live with your Adventure bike within the confines of your European little cup cake princess,Starbucks,matching teletubbie-motorcycle suit,comfort zone....then this trip is not for you.

The only policy really,is 'Frank and friendly'.....keep it like that and every one gets along just fine...(but this doesn't exonerate you getting ridiculed and pointed at!)

If anyone is interested and have any questions by all means ping a response....the best bit though is....a free guided on/off road ride in Maroc.

To find more information as to what's what read through this whole thread if you can be bothered.

PS;I mean questions about a ride out to Maroc...

PPS; This will give you an idea as to whats involved.

As new information or ideas arrive I will edit this page so as nothing gets lost within the confines of the whole thread.

Goats and prospective goats so far,with current motos,subject to change;

( There'll be a group of French riders from a forum I write on and they'll be taken under charge of three of my French friends........we'll bunny hop into them as we parallel each other)

Nick; KTM690
William; Yamaha Ténéré 1200
Rob; KTM 990 Adv
Keith; Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré
Peter; BMW1150
Mick; BMW1200RT
Mick; Yamaha WRF450
Greg; Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré
Bob; CCM450 GP
Sean; CCM450 GP
Mike; TBA
Steve; Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré
Rod; TBA
Mrs. Rod TBA
George; Honda 750 Africa Twin
Pete; Triumph Tiger
Mick; Triumph 1200
Justin; KTM 990 Adv R
Dayne; KTM 990 Adv
Les; Yamaha XT660Z
Tony; KTM 990 Adv
Pete; BMW GS800
David; Honda Africa Twin 750
James; Honda Africa Twin 750
Alistair; Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré
Tim; TBA

Rough route to wing it so far,which of course is subject to change,for whatever reason. There's an option for me to overshoot the return dates if any one wishes to as well.



Anyhoooo....a day extra to traverse Spain is a day wasted not being in in and print this out come the time to go and it ensures a quicker entry into Maroc compared to standing in the wind and rain trying to do with a a queue.

The above link will go to a page that will show the below image with blanks to fill in, relative to your moto.

From the top

Bureau d'entrée = Where you arrive.

Next is the date of arrival

Prénom et Nom = Christian name then family name.

For first timers click 'Etrangers en première visite au Maroc'

If you've been to Maroc before there'll be a CIN number in your passport, if it's not out of date....if you're using a renewed passport a CIN number will be stamped again on the new this and a box will open whereupon you'll enter your CIN number. The rest of the form will be the same as first timers.


Immatriculation =Registration Number

Marque = Make of moto

Type/Modele = what model it is

Genre = Motocycle

Pays = Your country

Date de 1ère mise en circulation = date of first registration

Numero de chassis = Frame number

After this click ' Imprimer' at bottom LHS and you'll be taken to the next page where the details will be in pdf at the top RHS to download to desk top and/or to print out.

You see a page like this.......the form details from above arrive into another form

Below is what the Passport Control form looks like that you fill in whilst ion the boat. If you have a look at it it'll give you an idea of what you'll need to think about. Bring a pen up from the hold.

Again,those who have been before will write in the CIN that they have stamped in their passport, first timers will have no number.

Email the customs forms to yourself and print out an extra copy to bring. You'll always have it on file in your email should you need to find WiFi anywhere to print it out. Cut into three parts along the dotted lines.

Customs scan the coded area making your entry more smooth.

They keep one to prove you've brought a moto into Maroc....., you keep one for your own information and the final one gets your moto back out of Maroc.


Departure dates work for those coming from the UK with the Portsmouth/Bilbao ferry.


Friday 20.10.17


To either Caceres or Manzanares. Usually raining.
Long ride just to cover the distance. Fuel close to either accommodation. To be confirmed.


Saturday 21.10.17


Algericiras port depart to Tanger Med Maroc
(or rendezvous here from whence you came and buy a one way ticket at the main terminal)
ATM,moto insurance and fuel available at Tanger Med upon exciting.
Fuel in Asilah
ATM available

Caceres to Algeciras 453km and 82km to Asilah from Tanger Med


Sunday 22.10.17


Fuel and ATM close to hotel



Monday 23.10.17


Superbe ride along the Ziz Valley.
Fuel station now in Merzouga. ATM for money in Rissani 30 minute ride from Merzouga.




Tuesday 24.10.17

Rest/Play/Explore Day


Wednesday 25.10.17


Off road to wild camp by piste (area of Auberge Dinosaur)



Thursday 26.10.17


Off road.



Friday 27.10.17


Rest/Repair/Explore/Play Day

ATM and fuel

Off road to Zagora Radio Mast mountain for views....opposite the hotel.


Saturday 28.10.17


Off road from Zagora to join the Route National N9/R108 junction and on to Ouarzazate by tarmac due to mountain range.


66km off road plus 96km on road = 162km

DAY 10

Sunday 29.10.17


Tarmac via Tiz-n-Tichka summit

200kms easy day.

DAY 11

Monday 30.10.17


Rest/Explore Day

Night Medina place visit if so desired

DAY 12

Tuesday 31.10.17




DAY 13

Wednesday 01.11.17


As far north and closer to port

DAY 14

Thursday 02.11.17


Afternoon sailing.

Those who can take a little more time or those who 'phone into work sick from Day's as follows

DAY 12

Tuesday 31.10.17


Route National N8


DAY 13

Wednesday 01.11.17


Visit Roman ruins if so desired at Volubilis or discuss if to ride further on


DAY 14

Thursday 02.11.17


via the R506, R501,R408 to Zoumi to Mokrissèt to N13 to Chefchaouen

DAY 15

Friday 03.11.17


Rest/Explore Day

DAY 16

Saturday 04.11.17


via the 4105 to Et-Tieta-de-Oued-Laou to the N16 coast road.

Gorge viewpoint

DAY 17

Sunday 05.11.17


DAY 18

Monday 06.11.17



If you do not have breakdown cover for Maroc and when south of Zagora/Merzouga region, the price for a local 4x4 pick-up to come and get you and take you to Zagora to effect any major repairs will be €200.

If terminal and you need to be taken to Tanger Med to push your bike onto the ferry it will be €400.

If this is not to your liking than you can organise with other locals to see if you can better the price. There's nothing to stop you using one price against another to barter. It's your call.

Any breakdown on tarmac.....we can hunt out a local and negotiate a price for whatever destination.

If you budget for this at least you'll have an idea.

This link will give a concise overview to Maroc for info.

Via Michelin will work for distances and times and you can change to sat' map view

Garmin maps for here are abysmal. This link will give Open Street Maps which will show piste. If you use your GPS route planner and mark points on trails it will route the very same. Even if you put in a desert town to another it will route via trail to get there. Dead handy.

Any road riders can be given a place to rendezvous where we should be in the form of hotel GPS co-ordinates/names. The route is planned to allow for this when at all possible.

As stated if any one wants to return a few days later via the likes of Chefchaouen I can accommodate with some cracking scenic road routes north east of Moulay Idriss.

If any friends or group want to head off to do their own thing we can bunny hop each other as we see fit....there's never a problem with that.


Handy Tips for what to bring or do...some obvious,that you no doubt do already and some not so.

1. Lip balm as the air is bone dry and there's a chance you'll get chapped lips whilst riding.

2. A neck buff will keep your neck from getting sun burnt as the sun lies very low on the horizon in the afternoon.

3. Small bottle of pocket gel hand cleaner,if you so desire......the dirtiest thing you'll touch, as in Europe, is paper money.

4. Upset stomach medication.

5. Don't

6. Inform your bank your card will be flagging up in's been known for banks to stop cards after a few days in, as it's out of the ordinary withdrawals.

7. Allow for space to stash any winter kit that has been worn en route through Europe. I have vented riding kit which stays open for the duration once over the Atlas; I don't know why I had to mention that.

8. A 'camel bak' type hydration bag is essential. Decathlon ones are cheap and work.

9. Yelling,screaming and shouting for help will be viewed as attention seeking and will be mostly ignored.

10.Summer gloves or MX gloves along with cotton socks for boots if you so desire.

11. Sun cream

12. Sunglasses

13. Basic first aid kit

14. Optional small spray insect repellent...every now and then, depending on where we stop, there'll be some flies as it's date harvest time, that's as in fruit...they don't harvest calendars.

15. Spare set of moto keys, preferably permanently on a lanyard around your neck.

16. If you don't charge your gadgets on the moto....then surge protected chargers are needed as there can be goofy power supply, especially that coming from generators. There's plentiful WiFi for the likes of skype/viber etc.

Here is an example of some can join cables with a problem.

17. Easy access to change for toll booths and speeding fines

18. Easy access to head torch.

19. Don't

20. Make-up wipes....these will remove grease whereas baby wipes don't and come in a smaller packet for storage...they also work the same as baby wipes ref toilet usage.

21. Learn how to pick up your moto...........there's more chance of having a snatch-stall in a car park than anything else. Of course no one will laugh......much.

22. Pack as light as possible....see point 21.....for more information, re-read point 21.

23. Printing off the customs forms (given in the link previously) before you leave means you don't have to stand and fill them in on the day.

24. Pack a couple of needles and a spool of thread (stashed in First Aid box and taking up no room) if any kit gets ripped falling off...or even just a split seam through wear and tear...handy to have and not always thought about. (On my last trip I sewed a glove seam after a days riding with my finger poking out..really annoying until it was sewn)

25. A socket/tool to remove front sprocket nut in case of a chain derailment where the chain ends up jammed in against engine......not always thought about.

26. If you can ride with a foam filter that will rinse in petrol without the glued seams dissolving it would be a bonus. Some filters fall apart, when rinsing in petrol, as you have to use the makers own cleaner. Spray air filter oil assists too. Dust in Maroc can be like smoke.

27. If you ask questions akin to "Where are the toilets?"..... "Do they change money here?"......"The water temperature in my room is tepid what will I do?" You'll be met with a blank stare.

28. The first person who indicates smugly that they know something more than others will be deemed a Responsible Adult (R.A.) and therefore open to a bombardment of questions and thus blame.

29. Based on previous experience garlic is the best form of defence against vampire giraffes as they're too tall to jump up and hammer a wooden stake in.

30. If applicable a visit to the dentist before leaving... a toothache a couple of days away from a dentist could spoil your ride out.

31. I strap stuff onto my panniers criss cross fashion and tie the ends of the straps to each other. If you just use straps on each end without the criss cross the kit may vibrate off due to long stretches of piste corrugations. This is why a visit to the dentist is also advised.....your fillings won't rattle out.

32. Good strong motocross type/style boots should be used rather than softer boots.... ( I once had a chap turn up wearing slip on shoes on a GS1200...against advice he rode, after 1km fell off and did a u turn....he was over 18 years old )

33. A tow strop strong enough to haul your moto in case of a complete breakdown(footpeg to footpeg)....the small ratchet type tie downs you get in the likes of B&Q will not work....for my single cylinder moto, standard e.g. Acerbis moto cross tie downs work to date. Make sure what ever you use is tested as if it's too light it will snap.

34. The corrugations will rattle nuts and bolts loose especially on pannier supports....go around the moto and nip every thing up.....even suspension pivot nuts/bolts.....Loctite is a bonus.

35. If you have an Allen key type front axle to loosen remember to bring the tool to do so.

36. Bring good quality zip tys/short length of wire ref. lost nuts or bolts.

37. Spare cables (if older cables are on the moto) attached to existing cables with zip tys covers the snapped cable scenario.

38. Spare clutch, brake & gear levers to bring would be a bonus

39. If your GPS has a place for a lanyard fit one from there to the moto in case it either vibrates off or gets knocked off after a fall. It can sink into fech-fech and you'll not find it if you missed it coming off. An old sleeping bag draw string works fine and carabiner.

40. Spray the inside of your airbox with air filer oil too...anything to catch dust.

41. JB Weld could be thought about.

42. A small tube of instant gasket stashed, could be thought about.

43. A few denture sterilising tablets to keep your water back-pack fresh.....doesn't take long for spores to arrive.

44. A small container could be thought about, with various nuts and bolts and to include a couple of helmet peak plastic screws if applicable. Make's it less annoying if you ding your peak off and then you can carry on.

45. Alloy or soft luggage is preferred over Hepco and Becker plastic...these do not work well off road any great distance.....they will fall off unless a tie down is used to wrap around them via the pannier supports.

46. If you think your pannier supports look a little light duty i.e. certain Givi ...weld some gusset at key mounting points.

47. Bring couple of pens......handy to write the fuel price on your hand to show cashiers and to fill in the passport declaration form on the boat.

If you cannot read please learn to read before reading or re-reading all of the above.

Any questions just ask.

Will It Buff Out?

The Suit:What would you consider to be your greatest weakness?
Me: Honesty.
The Suit: Honesty? I don't think honesty could be construed as a weakness.
Me: I don't give a f**k what you think.

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Re: E.D.C Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553829

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Morning Wibo, please put me down as a prospective victim for your dangerous adventure , ps, I'm a miserable tw-t , does that help ?
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Re: E.D.C Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553830

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That is a cracking offer, Santa has come early for someone !
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Re: E.D.C Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553832

please put my name down sounds great . what size bikes are you thinking of taking ?I will run a van down to the south of france will have some space for a few bikes . sort the details next year
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Re: E.D.C Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553836

I would love to ride in Morocco but would need to ride the paved roads (RT1200) but happy to meet up at the venue each night if that works

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Re: E.D.C Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553837

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Hi Keith, if whippet's going you better add my name to the list as well.

Re: E.D.C Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553841

Hi Keith,

Can you add my name as well if I ever manage to pull my finger out and get a suitable bike!!!

Think positive, I will get a suitable bike.

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Re: E.D.C Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553842

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Hi Keith,

Please put my name down also.
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Re: E.D.C Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553872

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Whippet wrote:
Morning Wibo, please put me down as a prospective victim for your dangerous adventure , ps, I'm a miserable tw-t , does that help ?

Eve'nin Whippet...

This type of miserable?

or this type?

Either'll fit right in...

Will It Buff Out?

The Suit:What would you consider to be your greatest weakness?
Me: Honesty.
The Suit: Honesty? I don't think honesty could be construed as a weakness.
Me: I don't give a f**k what you think.

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Re: E.D.C Morocco 2017 On/Off road free guided open invite. 7 months, 1 week ago #553876

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halfpint wrote:
please put my name down sounds great . what size bikes are you thinking of taking ?I will run a van down to the south of france will have some space for a few bikes . sort the details next year

I know a lot can change between now and a year...but if you have a peep at the ride report you'll see what bikes went's your call..

That's a good offer to divide out fuel and ferry costs by bringing someone else in a van.

It'll slot into place as the year progresses.

Will It Buff Out?

The Suit:What would you consider to be your greatest weakness?
Me: Honesty.
The Suit: Honesty? I don't think honesty could be construed as a weakness.
Me: I don't give a f**k what you think.

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