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Jax Shack 'The Return'
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TOPIC: Jax Shack 'The Return'

Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579069

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Just to check that the warm welcome and great hospitality wasn’t a fluke, we headed down again ( you have to be thorough in these matters ) this time instead of taking a van with EXC’s in, a plan was hatched to ride down over 3 days only using the GR’s and chemin ( tracks ) on the larger bikes.

Although we were only heading down to the Dordogne area, it took a fair bit of planning to keep off all the Toll, Motorways and main roads, but it became clear that it just wasn't doable over 3 days and 3 days is what we had, as ever with planing, plan 'B' soon came into play.
Plan 'B', The 3 of us, Andy (9 wines) on his 690r, Gav also on a 690r and myself on a real bike the 990adv headed off to catch the Friday early ferry to Caen, which got in about 1500hrs then a first leg of 100 or so miles of mixed trails and D roads to our 'Biker BnB'
I planned all of the routes using the free maps and routing software on ViewRanger, I find the level of detail and the ability to switch maps while plotting makes it a great free tool, you can either follow the route on your phone or export as a GPX to Garmin or the like, also give you the ability to run offline so you don't use your data up, just download the sections of map that you need and away you go

As with most trips, it starts in the dark, trying to tip toe around the house at early oclock making sure you have everything and then wheeling the bike out of the garage while still not making a sound, just then Andy raws up on his 690 with the full akrapovic exhaust note echoing around the close.....
Just a short run down to met Gav at Crossbush and a few more miles to Pompy for the ferry
Always good to be first on the ferry you get to grab the best seats, unfortunately the other 2 look like proper wrong'ns and got tugged by the customs
The crossing was mill pond smooth and although the bar was open we abstained as we rode off the ferry the sun was shining and it was a good 20 degrees, we made it all the way to the cafe by Pegasus bridge ( I know it's not the original ) all of about 3 miles before we had to check one of the bikes, Andy had lost all his display on the 690, it would prove to be the least of his worries as it turned out, but more of that later.

After a drink and baguette ( when in Rome ) we headed out on route to out first BnB, as you may or may not know the GR's that come south from ferry port and through Caen are closed to motor vehicles, so I routed us to the east around Caen and then headed west once we were south of the city.
The first track ran along the river just south of Pegasus bridge, a bit rutted and overgrown in places and was a good test for my shoulder as I have a trapped Radial nerve in my upper back, it wasn't to bad but I could of really done without the nagging pain pulling at my shoulder
The tacks to the east were flat and dry, but Andy still managed to drop his bike doing the wheel spin turn

Back the right way up and on our way, as it was so dry we all ran road pressures and with not that much luggage the going was good and once we were well on our way the tracks got a lot more varied with a mix a terrain, as when I planned the route I had tried to use any hills or valleys without detouring off route to much.
This track was deceptively simple at the start turned into a bit of a climb with rocks and mud, with the tyres a road pressures the back did dance about a bit, great fun though and as we got to the top we got our first but by no means last vista

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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579070

nice on e stewie
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579072

Superb ......looking forward to the rest......
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579073


look fwd to further installments
"Oh, yeah, they're gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em."....Easy Rider
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579075

Great stuff Stewie it's like a pilgrimage to Jax Shack
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579077

Go on my son, been waiting for this one
one-legged adventurer
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579078

Yeah bob....just call him friar phil
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579080

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The first leg was to a BnB called La Motte ran by Bill & Carol, I opted for bike friendly BnB for the security of the bikes and the fact that had the weather been crap, we wanted places that wouldn't mind us turning up covered in mud but as it turned out we didn't see a cloud all week
We had booked a meal for 1930hrs so that gave us 3 hours to do 100 well 97 miles from the port, the route was bit of D road or farm track to get us to the nearest or most interesting trails while trying to fit in any POI that maybe near by, even if it's just a nice view

We made good progress and the trails were spot on, over the 3 days there was just one track we didn't do and one we really shouldn't have done not bad for a 500+ mile route

This is the only type of tarmac we did on day one

As we headed west towards the BnB our thoughts turned from some great trails and riding to a nice cold drink and some home cooked food

As we turned into La Motte we were met by Carol with a cold drink and told that the evening meal was ready as soon as we were, the BnB was full of character and charm, with a large bar made from an old barn

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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579083

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As we all awoke in the morning and prizes were given out for the loudest snorer I declined the first prize as I didn't hear a single thing all night so it couldn't of been me
Our thoughts soon turned to what happened to the 'just have a few plan' that was spoken about the previous night ( OK for Gav as he's T total ), just Andy (soon to be know as 9 wines) and myself with foggy heads, luckily I had more pain killers and anti inflammatory than Pfizer
As the ordinal plan was too long for trails all the way, day 2 of plan B was just keep to the back roads and find as many twisties that we could for the long leg down to the next Biker BnB that was called Route 66 run by Harry.

I thought the route was just right, with some nice flowing twisties and lovely old towns and villages, I would change the route along The Loire as we rode along the southern side to Montsoreau, it was a bit touristy with loads of speed limits, how ever as we discovered on the way back the road on the north side was fantastic

We finally made it to the cafe in Montsoreau after persuading 9 wines (Andy) that we could actually use the bridge

A welcome break at the cafe and on to the last stint down to Route 66 BnB and that need a whole RR on it , but for now I have to go to work, so don't miss the next exciting episode of Jax Shacks 'The Return'
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 1 month, 1 week ago #579084

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This looks awesome, Well Envious!
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