Well after my last blog its been all hands on deck, or rather the boot inner wings. Having removed the inner panels from the rear wings , I've noticed that at some point the MG has had a n/s/r half wing , you can see where its been spot welded internally, so ive started to clean the spot welds off in readiness for the sound proofing and trim panels to be fitted kn the inner wings.

The roof glue is proving to be a little difficult to come off, ive tried a bit of thinners in one corner and it does sofften the glue a bit but not enough to really get a good scrape at it . I think it'll have to be the heat gun and a scraper to achive this but I didn't have enough time to make a start on that as a Range Rover came in to the garage for a new set orf front pads and a gearbox oil and filter change, its an auto box. Phill has noticed a warning sign come up on the dash saying gearbox overheating but thats not the case , I think there is a faulty connector or plug causing this problem, but after a little investigation work it turns out that the connections are on to of the vox and you can't get to it from underside so im gonna have a look in the cabin area to see if I can get to the top of the box via the tunnel centre consul.  We'll see next week when he comes back for the rear pads change and I'll have more time to check it out..

Back to the Mg and ive primed the inner wings and the boot floor ready for the next stage of the restoration which will be to get that bloody glue off the roof .

Untill next time.