Had some spare time time today, after a bike mot , so I thought its about time to crack on with the MG. Finally got round to removing the headlining a job that I wasn't really looking forward to, but it came out ok in the end . There is however a lot of old glue left on the ceiling of the car, not sure yet how I'm gonna remove this but ive got a few ideas . Was thinking of maybe using a steam stripper to soften it then using a paint scraper to aid removal. What you think? We'll have a go eh!.

Put the hatch back on and offerd it up to the car and ive noticed that either end is leval with the roof , but the middle section of the door looks as if it's bowed for some reason, alterd the hinges but has made no difference so my guss is it must have been like that from new, who knows.

Had to weld two small sections in behind the front valance one N/s and one o/s directly below the headlights , funny that either side should go in exactly the same place , ah well thats rust for you. We  had a call back from the MG owners club saying that the complete exhaust system is now available to order , and back in stock. Great news as the exhaust manifols we've got are cracked in several places and the exhaust isn't the best but to be fair the car  is a 1974 model.

Whilst the welder was out I thought I'd better put a plate in the boot section just by the spare wheel carrier , but when I cut the bad section out as usual it was a bit bigger that I would have liked it, but the rust has gone , so thats something.

I was surprised by how long it took to label evrything up after stripping the car and finding small boxes so that I can keep evrything in some sort of order, thats taken just about a week to do, but it willbe worth it in the end when the car goes back together. Overall the bodywork is not in that bad a condition,  I've seen worse,  a lot worse belive you me.

Thers a small amount or rust just inside the door skin on the top edge, so thats my next job to clean that up and apply some q rust treatment to kill the rust off. The best treatment ive used seems to be the Hammerite stuff, it puts a creamy coating on the rust , then converts it into a purple colour solution and primes it ready to recive a coat of primer.

Anyway I'll keep you all posted and try and post up some photos. Oh! And the engine should be going in fairly soon.

Big al