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The Carin' Sharin' Chronicles Hot

The Carin' Sharin' Chronicles

Dave Gurman, for those who do not know, was the editor of the Rider’s Digest from 2006 to 2009. So, I was already assured of a delightful read before I made the purchase.

I must admit that my soul is pulled towards the classical adventure tales – the lone man or woman out there in the wilds making do and getting by.

Regardless of this I was unable to put Dave Gurman’s book down. This is an enchanting and amusing take on life in the courier rider business. As one would expect, the book is made of many short stories and this is perfect for out on the road or sat hiding in the garage. Being able to take a time out and flick through a tale was fantastic.

An attention-grabbing and thought provoking read as honesty and humour collide from this naturally witty and satirical philosopher that for me is up there with the great George Carlin.
Dave Gurman covers just about every topic from parenthood to 9/11 and all from behind a full face visor of mirth. You don’t become the editor of a very successful publication without having a few views to share and knowing how to deliver a story!

The Carin’ Sharin’ Chronicles will not disappoint and will having you chuckling and nodding as you identify with many of the same issues that you face as a rider – Dave Gurman is open about being a tad heavy on the throttle at times – and honest about what bloody good fun it is.

Dave Gurman leaves the likes of Clarkson seeming, tired, overly rehearsed and running low on content……and on that bombshell -

You can get your copy of the Carin’ Sharin’ Chronicles from Amazon and Waterstones as well as being able to catch up with Dave on Facebook.

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Sharin' Carin' Chronicles

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Reviewed by Blue 88
November 04, 2013
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As a former despatch rider with a rival firm, I can fully appreciate where Dave Gurman’s coming from. However, a history in despatch riding isn’t a prerequisite for enjoying this book, and quite honestly, you don’t even need to like motorcycles. Of course, an understanding of basic motorcycle mechanics, physics and the geography of London will certainly aid your understanding, but Gurman’s ability to recount his experiences with wit and enthusiasm is obvious from page one. This book certainly won’t encourage anybody to rush out and buy a motorcycle, or even to consider a becoming a despatch rider, but you’ll certainly want to sit down and share a beer two with the author. All in all, a light-hearted look at life and a great fun read from a very jovial chap

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