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Sam Manicom
Sam Manicom
Sam Manicom
Sam Manicom
Sam Manicom

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Title Sam Manicom

Sam has written four books which tell the tale of an ordinary guy doing the amazing things that we all could do, or may wish to do, if only we had the balls to do them. Sam is not some Ex Special Forces guy (for once) but was a Retail Manager in Jersey! So join him as I have done in his beautifully written books on his adventures. You’ll read about his connections with fascinating people, the highs and a few lows, and the many attention grabbing dramas that happen as he rides around the world.
Into Africa
Under Asian Skies
Distant Suns
Tortillas to Totems  

I was asked to do a review of an adventure book and I was going to do Sam Manicom’s first book in the set of four - Into Africa. I say I was, as I had issues doing just the one book. I’ve read all of Sam’s work and Into Africa is a slice of the adventure that’s going to leave you busting for the next book anyway. So, I may as well save you the added postage of ordering the books separately, and tell you about the man I have come to call my friend.
Pre the 200,000 mile, eight year journey, Sam didn’t write motorcycle books, nor did he write adventure books. He happened to be on a motorcycle and he happened to be on an amazing adventure, and they inspired him to set pen to paper. The thing with Sam’s is that he writes with such an easy flowing style that what he’s writing about could almost be irrelevant. His style doesn’t just take you with him; he lures you into the books like the subtle song of the Siren, with the only danger being that you may well find yourself looking at your motorcycle and passport, with a devious seed of an idea growing in your head.
Added to this is the essential ingredient of being on a serious budget. He shows that you don’t need a giant budget to make a trip like this. Of course with backpacker style living will come backpacker style situations…..and man does Sam get into some gritty situations out there!
These books have all the fundamental ingredients of a Hollywood blockbuster but have the advantage of being real and factually correct. There’s danger, prison, illness, attempted rape, shootings, bribes, fights and despair but they alone would not compose a great film. Sam also finds love, and you’ll find the way he delves into the cultures and customs of the various countries, quite fascinating. He finds true freedom via his beloved motorcycle ‘Libby’, and he discovers human kindness in the most unlikely of places. Plus, there’s humour and the wonderfully absurd!
Signed copies of all of Sam’s books can be ordered from his own website You can also download Sam’s books in e-book format from All four books are also available via Waterstones and Stanfords of London.

James 691 Owens
Blue Knights LEMC
England I Chapter.

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Into Africa

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Brilliant book that took you on his adventures with him. More about his experiences than the bike itself.
I've read 3 books of this ilk now and this is by far the best. Short review I know but great book, well worth reading.

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