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Was someone thinking of me when they built this? Hot

Listing Information Motorcycles

Manufacturer Honda
Model cross tourer dct
Price 11,000
Top Speed enuff
Insurance Group 17
Engine Size 1200
Engine Type V4
Compression Ratio ??
BH Power 130 ish
Torque 95ftllb
Gears auto
Seat Hight my height (6ft)
Ground Clearance enuff
Fuel Capacity 21 litres
Average MPG 50 ish
Tank Range 200 ish

Black & Silver DCT Cross Tourer with Givi luggage

User reviews

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As a Long Distance Tourer:
10.0   (2)
Off Road Capability:
3.0   (2)
Around Town:
9.0   (2)
Additional Equipment Availability:
7.5   (2)
9.5   (2)
8.0   (2)
10.0   (2)
Value for Money:
7.5   (2)
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Now had the XTourer two years and.....

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

I have now done15 k miles on the DCT and still marvel at the bike.
The engine is fab, especially with the arrow can, the v4 has a lovely noise, but it is the DCT box that still makes me want to ride. I know a lot of the jouro's dislike it, but 1, they didn't ride it long enough to get used to it and 2, is you put it in manual, then that's what it is, manual and the most efficient I have ever ridden. No delays no messing, just power on through. It's great. The Puig screen helps with the looks but still buffets me, though not as much as the standard.
I have done Monaco via route Napoleon this year and three other smaller trips round Europe and the bike never missed a beat. if you have age related aches and pains or want a proper comfy quality bike, give the XTourer a try, you won't regret it. Keep an eye on the discs when putting away wet (had them replaced under warranty) and due to rarity, the poorer sales have led to depreciation a bit more than I would have liked, bit I have no desire to sell at the moment.
Hoping to go to Norway next year...

Paul F,
N. Wales

Review Information Motorcycles

Time owned Two years
I liked DCT Box and the engine
I Disliked Docs and callipers that seize too easily of put away wet
Would you buy again Yes
In one line This a tourer without the panels and not to be confused with all the other GS type bikes
Grin Factor (0=crap 10=I loved it) 9

Bike built just for me?

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

Well after changing my bike 4 times in 2 years I have ( I hope, but not nearly as much s my wife), finally found the bike that ticks all the boxes for me. I suffer from various aches & pains, mostly age related but in a nutshell, I wanted to carry on riding.
I has a GSA for 3 years and enjoyed everything about it apart from a) the height and b) the engine. I appologise to all you GSA lovers but in truth, the old boxer engine has really lost it's appeal, it's just too vibie though I genuinely hope the new variant takes the mark in to the 21st century. We all owe the GSA so much for raising the profile of bikes other than those that are track bikes with lights.
However, the engine aside, I nearly came a cropper when fully loaded with three BM ally boxes and my good lady on the back at a blind bridge just outside Masham in North Yorks. The car coming too fast the other way meant a quick stop and sheer panic when I discovered the camber meant my 31" inside leg couldn't reach the floor. We nearly went over and I put my back out holding us up. Time to rethink.
I dearly loved the bike but hey... needs must. I wont list the other bikes I had in between then & now but suffice to say they really didn't do what I wanted.
Sooo back to the XTourer. I have arthritis in my left hand and after an extensive ride on the DCT to get used to the function, there was no turning back, And that engine combines so well with the DCT it makes riding so much fun, I am also convinced that because it's different it takes me back to how I felt when I started riding over 35 years ago. I have fitted Givi Trecker boxes as they are far better than the Honda stuff and match the black & silver bike, a range of R&G kit (hugger/fork/radiator & exhaust protectors) and oxford heated grips, and have a PUIG screen on order. Having only had the bike a short while and having a trip to France with my wife & two sons planned... more to follow. Remember, ride as often as you can, it keeps you young... at least on the inside.
Ride safe.
Paul F .... Llangollen, North Wales.

Review Information Motorcycles

Time owned Just got it
I liked Everything so far
I Disliked wating my money on other bikes before finding it!
Would you buy again Yes
In one line The best engine & gearbox combination I have ever tried in 35years of riding,
Grin Factor (0=crap 10=I loved it) 10
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