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Written by Alun   

Welcome to Adventure Bike Rider.

My name is Alun Davies, I live in Stratford upon Avon and this website is up and running because I've far too much free time on my hands. And then there's my life long passion for riding motorcycles and travel and the fact that we've launched a new magazine called...Adventure Bike Rider.

So, other than the warblings of a middle aged man with three bikes (2 Tigers and a Sprint) and a garage full of stuff, what's the big idea? Well, it's like this; I reckon we buy adventure and touring bikes with misty eyed dreams of doing a Ewan and Charlie, or a Ted, or maybe because we're fed up belly flopping over the tank of a sports bike and want a little more comfort. All good enough reasons.

However, in the real world, we probably just get out in the evenings, weekends and travel on one, maybe two, overseas trip per year. Life gets in the way. But then, if you're anything like me, that dream of touring Europe, riding the world, kicking back in a sand blasted Timbuktu and wallowing in the mud on the Siberian 'Road of Bones' gets a little closer every time I throw a leg over my machine, even when I'm riding to Tesco for a croissant

Adventure Bike Rider is a new magazine but we've also been publishing Adventure Travel magazine for the past 15 years. As the founding editor I've been lucky enough to travel the world and engage with its wild places (hiking, climbing, cycling and paddling) and been able to call it work.  But, I've still to travel to most of those places on my motorcycle and it's the thought of doing that which keeps my passion for two wheeled propulsion high. I might end up living my dreams, maybe not, but as long as I believe I'm going to do it and enjoy my riding along the way, that'll do me.

If adventure and touring motorcycles do it for you, sign up and swing on over to the forum and say hi.



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Thanx for the welcome message
Thanx 4 d welcome message Alun, love the magazine, well done, look forward to seeing the membership grow, and seeing what people have planned in the way of trips etc etc, kindest regards Dusan smilies/grin.gif
dusi , July 26, 2010
A new approach
Great new magazine - sure it's going to grow, world of motorbike adventures needs a bit more down to earth - new approach. Same with the tour business, think there's a bunch of guys & girls who aren't adventure motorbikers - they just want to ride their motorbike with a bit of company and free-spirited adventure, nothing too restricted or totally organised, more flexible exploring stuff - that's what I try to do on our motoexplorers ride to China anyway smilies/kiss.gif
motoexplorer , August 04, 2010 | url
alan c
gteat mag best of luck.i buy touren fahrer it also a is a great mag'please dont go down there road and become a troratech advert .cheers all the
alan colvin , December 09, 2010
Great magazine.. When is issue 3 out?
MIKE PRICE , January 12, 2011
Hi Alun, thanks for issue 3 via the post... Glad i've subscribed.. Just tried to join the forum but after the first page the next page goes across the screen!!! Just to let you know.. I'll try again, another time....
One other thing: How about t-shirts? I saw an ad' in issue 2 but can't find on web site! Cheers
Mike Price , February 05, 2011
Hi 3 times i have triad to create an account , each time i get to the end and submit it times me out!! Am i a dummy or what. I only live in Balsall Commmon
ALAN SCULLY , February 09, 2011
Meet at motorbike park at stratford
Hello Alun!
Thanks for nice time and discussion at Stratford bike parking, nice looking website, will try the magazine too.
tomekc , March 19, 2011
Missing issue
Hi I am asubscriber and have not received issue 6. Thanks for any Help
Mudge , September 10, 2011 | url
Back Issues
I am so dissapointed not to be able to get any of the back issues smilies/sad.gifsmilies/sad.gif
Is there any chance you could get any from anywere maybe a re-print I want all 5 of them if if i can. smilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gif
stu59 , September 25, 2011
Hey You

I have tried and faled to subscribe to the mag. I wanted to buy issue 5 as well but after fighting with you form I have had to admit defeat.

I canot fid a telephone number so I can contact you directly.

Regards Martin Blizard.
Hey You , October 24, 2011
Hi Martin

I'm not sure what you mean when you say form - we don't have one it's all done through a paypal button. I'm afraid we sold out of issue 5 over 2 months ago. All our contact details are available here http://www.adventurebikerider....ntact.html
Alun , October 24, 2011
Pendle Pete
Hi Alun,

Thanks for a great mag, and double thank you for putting me on page 13 of issue 7, nice one, it's great to show off !!!


Pendle Pete , November 01, 2011
Pendle Pete

Forgot to ask, how do I get hold of / buy some stickers to get the new Stahlkoffer boxes looking used please ? !!
Pendle Pete , November 01, 2011
Good magazine but nearly impossible to pick up from newsagents here in Australia ,i havent been able to find issue 7 and your issue 8 is out ,i check a couple of times a week with my newspaper guys ,may have to consider subscribing but great mag and well worth the money plenty of adventure riding areas out here ,bitter get out there ,cheers Harley
harley , December 27, 2011
hi, thanks for all the interesting info on your site. great pics.
im a sports bike rider so some of the things might be a bit difficult for my machine to handle, but it does look like fantastic fun.. B safe .
jesas , January 17, 2012 | url
Jim McManus
Hello Alun
Thanks for a great mag.I started my subscription march 2011 and I guess it's about due for renewal.Do you e-mail me a reminder and do I just renew via paypal?
Regards Jim
Jim McManus , February 14, 2012
Digital Subscription
Trying to subscribe to digital edition but site doesn't recognise my sign in despite account verification.
ChukkyGB , April 25, 2012
geordy paul
hi,ive not yet received the latest issue,
was wondering if i need to re,subscibe?
just to add to the confusion, my subsciption was in the name of bob lister.
(i use his pay pal account)
kind regards paul.
geordy paul , April 25, 2012
hello i have moved and need to give you guys my address for the magazine deliveries also i have been billed twice for my last and this subscription to the mag via paypal please contact me to sort this,great mag smilies/cheesy.gif
mooseman , July 02, 2012 | url
Hi. I've subscribed to the digital editions and although the username and password were verified and payment processed by paypal, when I try logging in to the digital page the account is not recognised and keeps looping back to the login page. Help appreciated! Regards, Steve
stevep , July 25, 2012
When does the December issue get posted?
Alan29 , December 12, 2012
I seem to have the same issues with the digital version, got a subscription but can't log in to read the mag....?? Quite frustrating as there seem to be good articles in it.
x-box , December 23, 2012
new subscription
Hi , subscribed in November but heard or seen nothing, can you check for me. Rob Burden, paid via paypal thx
yetiibob , December 19, 2015
yetiibob, for any subscription queries give the office a call on 01789 450 000
Bryn , January 06, 2016
A Great magazine! A pleasure to sign up yesterday for another years subs to the magazine and a calendar. The lady who signed me up yesterday (and last year) IS a huge asset, her bubbly personality is just what is needed. Cheers Ian
Freddyboy , November 23, 2016 | url
No Mags
Subscribed beginning of January 2017 via paypal still no mag/s. Paypal verify annual subscription definitely paid. Alun emailed but no response. Whats happening?
Yosser , February 27, 2017

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